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Occlusal (Biting) Disorders TMJ/TMD

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

The evaluation and treatment of dental “occlusion” – or how the teeth and jaw muscles and jaw joints work together – is integral to the practice of dentistry. Many individuals display symptoms of occlusal disharmony, or TMJ disorders, which may include one or more of the following: muscle pain, joint pain, frequent headaches, gum recession, sore teeth, cracked teeth and/or worn teeth.

When the “bite” is out of alignment, we also tend to grind our teeth more frequently. The dental term for this bad habit is “bruxism.”


Promoting Better Overall Oral Health

When teeth, muscles and joints are brought into greater harmony and alignment, these symptoms tend to dissipate and promote better overall dental health. Methods of treatment may include study models and occlusal analysis, occlusal splints or “nightguards,” and occlusal equilibrations.

Cody dentists have extensive experience in treating TMJ disorders, and work hard to educate patients in this important area of the dental profession. For many individuals, a successful treatment in this area can be the key to a lifetime of good dental health.

Bite Disorders:

  • TMJ (Temporo Mandibular Joint)
  • TMD (Temporo Mandibular Dysfunction)

Bite Disorder Evaluation

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