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Pediatric Dentist in Denver

Are you looking to give your kids a reason to smile when you say, “We’re going to the dentist.”

Our mission at Cody Pediatric Dentistry is to create a warm and friendly environment that each child and parent will love.


Pediatric Dentist Dr. Patra Watana

Our Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Patra Watana, specializes in providing high quality dental care to infants, toddlers, adolescents and special needs children. She will demonstrate her commitment to your child’s care by creating a team approach for each dental visit and they will work to make each dental visit educational and fun!

Dr. Watana is very passionate and dedicated to the field of Pediatric dentistry. Her 20+ years of experience, involvement in community service, Special Olympics, and school visits acknowledges the desire to educate, inspire, and inform the public about oral health. Because of her love and understanding of children, she enjoys the challenges and rewards of working with them.

Her goal is to create a quality dental environment that is joyful and fun for the new generation of children who enjoy going to the dentist. Your children are going to love coming to Cody Pediatric Dentistry, we guarantee it!!

To schedule an appointment with our exceptional Pediatric Dentist- Dr Patra Watana, please call: 303-758-5858.

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