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Preserve the Structure and Function of Your Teeth with Root Canal Treatments

For years, “root canal” has terrified dental patients everywhere. But the days of a drawn-out, painful process with primitive drilling are done. Cody Dental Group in Denver, CO, makes root canals fast, easy, and most importantly almost pain-free. Our practice utilizes the most advanced technology, tools, and methods to gently work on your affected teeth and provide complete treatments to preserve overall function and aesthetics. Our dental specialists have perfected their techniques with years of hands-on experience and understand the need for comfort, calm, and dental remediation that works. Contact us for more information on our root canal process or to schedule your next appointment.

What Is a Root Canal?

When you’re afflicted with periodontal disease, the interior pulp of your tooth can become infected. Root canal therapy is one of the most effective ways to get to the heart of your tooth to remove the infection and preserve your tooth’s structure. Without root canal therapy, the disease could spread to the tooth’s root tip and potentially cause a painful abscess in your jawbone. Our expert team of dental specialists numbs the areas around the infected tooth during a root canal, so you feel almost no discomfort or pain. They then penetrate the tooth’s enamel layer to get to the interior using precision dental tools and equipment. The infected pulp is removed, and the cavity is then filled with a protective resin to reinforce the tooth structure and stop any further spread of the infection.

What Does a Root Canal Treat?

The inner pulp of your tooth can become infected or inflamed as a result of deep decay, repeated dental procedures, trauma, chips and cracks in the outer tooth enamel, or faulty dental devices such as crowns. When this happens, root canal therapy is the most effective form of treatment there is. Our trained professionals at Cody Dental Group have helped thousands of patients restore their teeth’ look and function using this advanced endodontic treatment. During your root canal, our dentists will remove all infected materials, disinfect the inside of your tooth, and seal it with a rubber-like substance to prevent an abscess from forming and further damage from the infection. If you are experiencing pain or inflammation, contact us to schedule your consultation appointment.

The Root Canal Process

For every root canal we perform, there is a specific process, which our dentists follow to ensure maximum comfort and effective results for our patients. Working with you, we get to the very core of your dental issue, remove any infection, and offer you the long-lasting, pain-free toothache relief you deserve. During your root canal procedure, you can expect:


  • Anesthesia: Our practice applies local anesthesia to your teeth and gums to reduce pain. Nitrous oxide and sedation dentistry can also be used based on your preference and condition.
  • Pulp Removal: Once a dental dam is placed over your infected tooth to isolate it, our team will enter your tooth using specially designed tools and equipment to remove infected pulp and decay. We also use special dental files to clear away infected roots. Once the decay has been eliminated, we fill the cavity and seal your tooth with a composite to safeguard it from further damage.
  • X-Rays: Our dental experts take advanced x-rays of your teeth to locate the site and severity of the infection. We do this to make sure the root canal procedure is not only possible but also the best form of treatment for your affliction.
  • Crowns: After sealing your tooth and completing our work, Cody Dental Group will schedule a follow-up visit with you to review the healing process. During this second visit, we often install a dental crown as well for improved tooth strength, stability, and proper function. This crown can be blended with the natural color of your tooth to give you a much more streamlined look.
Dentist treating the patient

Signs a Root Canal Is Needed

There are many telltale signs that you may need a root canal. You may notice painful swelling in a specific tooth, teeth, and gums. There may be redness, inflammation, and increased sensitivity because of the infection. These symptoms are caused by deep untreated tooth decay, injury, faulty dental procedures, or other factors. If left untreated, this decay and infection can spread to other areas of your mouth, your jawbone and even cause issues with your brain. Contact Cody Dental Group today for your consultation if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

The Benefits of Root Canals

Our patients discover that they have full, painless function for their teeth after their root canal treatments. There is no more inflammation or food sensitivity, and they can resume normal speaking and eating once again. The dentists at Cody Dental Group regularly use root canals to also preserve existing teeth, stop infection and decay from spreading. They are also instrumental in avoiding further, more invasive procedures involving dental implants, bridges, and other devices. However, there are additional benefits to root canals that our patients enjoy as well. These advantages include:


  • Enhanced Tooth Aesthetics: Infected teeth and gums can turn your mouth unsightly colors like red, yellow, and brown. Root canals eliminate the underlying infection and inflammation that causes this discoloration to return your mouth to healthy shades of pink. Root canals can also blend the color of your dental work to the brighter whites you are used to using specialized devices like crowns.
  • Improved Savings: There are alternative dental options to root canals, including bridge work, tooth extractions, dental implants, and others. However, these alternatives can be much more expensive, even with dental insurance, and more time-consuming. Root canals save you more on all your present and future dental work and generally require only one (sometimes no) follow-up visit to finish all work.

Contact the Cody Dental Group for Root Canal Treatment

Root canals don’t have to be scary or intimidating for you anymore. Opting to work with Cody Dental Group means you receive the professional, nearly painless root canal treatments you need in a comforting environment that puts your mind at ease. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment and discover an easier path to optimal oral health.

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