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Our Team Is Here to Help Optimize Your Oral Health

The Cody Dental Group employs twelve Registered Dental Hygienists who will provide professional treatment, education, disease management and preventive periodontal therapy.

The hygienist provides valuable information to your dentist about the condition of your mouth and gums. The pool of hygienists is available by appointment to see any Cody patient. The hygiene department has a friendly support staff that will schedule and confirm your appointment and periodically remind you when it is time to schedule your next appointment.

debbie bernard

Debbie Bernard

Dental Hygienist

Deb has been a hygienist with Cody Dental since 1997. She is certified in local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, and laser therapy. She loves dachshunds and traveling in her spare time.

julie fulkerson

Julie Fulkerson

Dental Hygienist

Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene. She is the lead Team Hygienist. This position manages updating equipment in all dental hygiene rooms, keeping the rooms in state-of-the-art condition with intra oral cameras, ultrasonics, and cordless prophy angles. She brings in guest speakers and conducts monthly meetings for the dental hygiene staff approaching topics like: periodontics, case reviews, perfecting diagnosis skills, equipment reviews and she invites product representatives to introduce and provide exposure to new and current trends in oral hygiene products. She has been a hygienist with Cody since 1998, and is certified in local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, and lasers.

kalee eich

Kalee Eich

Dental Hygienist

Kalee graduated with a Bachelors degree from the University of Colorado dental hygiene program. She has been a dental hygienist for Cody since 2006, attends the Seattle Study Club Dental meetings regularly, and is certified in local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, and lasers therapy. Kalee has two young boys and likes to compete in adventure races (Spartan) and in 2007 won the Ms. Fitness Mile High Award.

kalleen callo

Kolleen Callo

Dental Hygienist

Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, and an Applied Science of Dental Hygiene degree. She has served as President of her Dental Hygiene student class, conducting the meetings and serving as liaison to the Director. As the busy mother of 3 young children, and she volunteers for the children’s ministry at her church. She has been a hygienist with Cody since 2010 and is certified in local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, and Lasers.

linda jew

Linda Jew

Dental Hygienist

Linda has a Bachelor’s of Science in Dental Hygiene from the University of Colorado, School of Dentistry. She worked for many years for Dr. Harley Look, DDS until his retirement before coming to Cody in 2008. She is a 4th generation descendant of a Chinese Colorado pioneer from 1850. She speaks a bit of Chinese, LOVES her mom, dog “Orion”, and her Country!

lori keilt

Lori Keilt

Dental Hygienist

Lori graduated from the Sheridan College dental hygiene program in 1983, has served as President for the Colorado Dental Hygienists Association (CoDHA) 1991-1992, and 2014-2015, two terms as CoDHA and MDDHS Vice President, 8 years CoDHA Secretary of the House of Delegates, and 5 years Editor of the Explorer (professional newsletter). Received: Colorado Dental Hygienists Outstanding Contribution Award 2004. She is currently certified in local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, and lasers. In her free time, she is an active competitor with her horse “London Fog” and in 2018 received her national riding achievement Bronze Medal in Dressage. Lori also enjoys volunteering at St Francis Homeless shelter downtown, being secretary for her local Dressage Chapter, motorcycling, gardening and cooking. She grew up in Littleton and has two grown sons. She has been a hygienist with Cody since 1983.

Served as President for the Colorado Dental Hygienists Association 1991-1992, and 2014-2015, 2 terms CDHA and MDDHS Vice President, 8 years CDHA Secretary of the House of Delegates, and 5 years Editor of the Explorer (professional newsletter). Received: Colorado Dental Hygienists Outstanding Contribution Award 2004

michele ellis

Michele Ellis

Dental Hygienist

Michele is a hygienist with 20+ years of experience, and she has been with Cody Dental since 2011. She has been active in her profession, is certified in laser, local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, and attends Periodontal Study Clubs regularly. In her spare time, she likes to read and workout.

dr ari

Ari Tokunaga

Dental Hygienist

Ari has lived all over including Florida, California and Hawaii. She has two teenagers, and in their spare time they love to go on outdoor adventures. Ari has been a hygienist with Cody since 2017, is certified in lasers, nitrous oxide, and local anesthesia. She earned her bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene at the University of Hawaii.

Kellie Vigoren

Kellie Vigoren

Dental Hygienist

Kellie has a double major in Cultural anthropology and Behavioral Science and Health from University of Utah. She graduated Magna Cum Laude 2001. She also graduated from Community College of Denver to achieve her Dental Hygiene degree in 2016. She has practiced as a Health Policy consultant through a Federal grant to improve dental access to the underprivileged. An award was given to Kellie at CCD, from the American College of Dentists, called the “Achievement of Ethical Practice of Dentistry”. She is busy raising 2 teenagers, and hiking with Husband and her Dog “Nelson”. She loves to eat out, read non-fiction, and spend time outside with the family. She has been with Cody since 2019.

Karen Robinson

Karen Robinson

Dental Hygienist

Kim Ottley

Hygiene Coordinator

Kim recently moved to Colorado and started working as the Dental Hygiene receptionist at Cody Dental Group in 2019. She is married with 4 teen/adult children. She enjoys the beautiful outdoors and playing games with her family.

Angela Chavez

Dental Hygienist

Angela moved to Colorado from Ohio in 2011 for school (had scholarship to Auraria Campus). She then went on to Graduate as a dental hygienist from Community College of Denver with her Associates of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene in May of 2019. She is currently attending college to get her Bachelor of Science degree and will graduate in May of 2020…. because she absolutely LOVES being a dental hygienist!! In her spare time she is with her family (6 siblings), hiking, or traveling. We all fell in love with Angela before she was a hygienist….while in school she worked as the floral manager at the King Soopers next to our office! Her bright beautiful smile has been a part of Cody for many years!

staff placeholder image

Shelly Fast

Hygiene Coordinator

Expert Dental Hygiene

Our hygienists are experienced professionals that cater to each patient’s individual needs. We work with dental specialists and your dentist to meet all patient needs. Each room has ultrasonic scalers, access to laser, and computerized charting. We know how much your dental hygiene can contribute to your general health so we strive to help each patient achieve optimum health. Most of our hygienists have been employed with Cody dental more than 5 years, some have been with us for more than 20 years! Let us help you with your dental hygiene health.

It is a long-established fact that the daily quality of your brushing skills matters more than quantity. Soft bristle brushes are better for the tissues and teeth than medium or hard bristle brushes, and electric toothbrushes are generally more effective!! We can teach you to be effective with your oral health tools, Ask us HOW.

  • For patient convenience, we sell Braun electric toothbrushes and replacement brushes at our main receptionist desk.
  • Fluoride really does reduce dental cavities. Prescriptive Fluoride toothpastes are dispensed via our doctor offices.
  • Prevident 5000
  • Clinpro
  • In-office fluoride treatments, rinses and varnishes, are available for adults and children.

Professional Objectives


To continue to honor the Cody tradition of an integrated, multi-specialty practice, dedicated to providing relationship-based, optimal dental care to every patient.


The Cody Dental Group is trusted as the standard of quality dental care and client service by both its patients and the dental community.


All actions are based on integrity, compassion and respect for others.

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