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Why Cody Dental Group

We’re Unique
The Cody Dental Group is a true group practice modeled on the Mayo Clinic’s philosophy of generalists teaming with specialists to offer patients a full spectrum of care under one roof. Our collaborative approach to dental health has been one of our hallmarks over the past eight decades. Today, Cody is the oldest continually operating dental group in Colorado and, to our knowledge, the entire United States.

Though each of our dentists conducts their own unique practice within the group, we believe the “group” environment has enhanced the standards of care and convenience for our patients. The daily interactions of general practitioners, dental specialists, lab technicians, hygienists and assistants — all working within the same facility — helps ensure a smooth flow of information across the dental health disciplines. Patients have the option of combining consultations and treatments from separate practitioners into the continuity of a single appointment, in a single location.

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Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to the preservation of health through dental care for a lifetime of service in optimum function, comfort and aesthetics. We seek to ensure the maximum longevity of dental health through a minimum of dental procedures.

We understand that the confidence, trust and long-term relationships necessary to maintain Nature’s gift of health require the education, motivation and cooperation of our health delivery team and our patients.

Acceptance of the responsibility to obtain and preserve health is the natural result of these relationships and ideals.

The Doctor-Patient Relationship

While scientific advances continue to improve and transform the dental profession, we maintain our utmost respect for the traditional doctor-patient relationship.

We remain dedicated to preserving the sanctity of this relationship. We regard professional diagnosis and treatment as being most valuable under the guidance of the examining doctor in an environment that allows clear freedom of choice to the patient.

Accordingly, we are less than enthusiastic about certain insurance plans that restrict the freedoms of their subscribers, and which favor the determinations of insurance agents over those of experienced dental clinicians. Though we work actively with the great majority of insurance programs, we believe there are some programs that remain incompatible with our traditional vision of the doctor-patient relationship.

Importance of Oral Health

We have noted increasing evidence that the overall health and well-being of every individual is significantly influenced by their oral health. Heart disease, diabetes, stroke and auto immune diseases are systemic conditions that have been correlated with dental diseases. Since 1946 the Cody Dental Group has been dedicated to treating each patient’s specific dental needs from a perspective of their overall health.

In today’s dental marketplace, where some offices seem to place more emphasis on patient volume than on patient relationships, the Cody Dental Group stands apart. Our goal is high quality, not high volume. We are self-owned and operated — always have been. We have been told by many of our patients that what makes our practice unique is the friendly, caring people on our team and the pleasant, peaceful atmosphere in our office.

We want you to feel right at home during your visit to the Cody Dental Group.

New Patients Welcome

Our practices continue to grow through word-of-mouth communication between our patients and their friends and family. New patients are always invited, always welcome at the Cody Dental Group.

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