Jeremy B. Lowy, D.M.D,MSD

Jeremy B. Lowy, D.M.D,MSD 2018-08-03T04:52:26+00:00

Dr. Jeremy B. Lowy, D.M.D., MSD received his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from University of Louisville in 2010.  He received his Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry 2014 from University of Louisville,  Masters Degree in Periodontics 2017, and has special certification in LANAP Laser Therapy.  He was active in AmeriCorps, and Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Kentucky. Following graduation from the Periodontal specialty training program he joined the Cody Dental Group.  His areas of expertise include oral surgery, dental implants, laser treatment of gum disease, and cosmetic gum procedures.

While pursuing his dental and specialty degrees Dr. Lowy participated in various externship programs, extracurricular coursework, and continuing education programs aimed at honing his skills and knowledge in the field of dentistry.  Among those activities were  various externships where he gained valuable hands-on experience  in oral and maxillofacial surgery, dental implants and the use of lasers in the treatment of gum disease.  Dr. Lowy has enjoyed the additional benefit of having a father who is a practicing periodontist in Louisville, Kentucky.  From his father he has learned firsthand much of what constitutes a successful Periodontal practice.

Throughout his educational career Dr. Lowy was actively involved in numerous student, professional,  charitable , and leadership organizations including the Honor Society, the Student Council, AmeriCorps and Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Kentucky.  He is the recipient of many honors and awards including, Outstanding Student Professional Award, Upperclassman of the Year, and Most Outstanding  Volunteer.

Beyond his academic and volunteer activities he enjoys traveling, basketball, workouts at the gym and the kinds of year-around outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer.