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Information on trusted denver pediatric dentist

Everyone knows that good oral health and hygiene for children, adolescents, and adults is important–but not everybody knows that the same thing goes for infants who are just beginning to grow their own teeth. An article in PR Newswire reports the results of a survey conducted by The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) that shows that most parents are unaware that children’s teeth need to be checked even before they turn a year old. According to the survey, 97% of the respondents do not take their kids to dental checkups, and only 33% recognize the value of proper dental care in children.

The article underscored the need for an infant’s teeth to be given care and attention; without dental care as early as before the child’s first birthday, his teeth may become more vulnerable to infection, decay, and cavity formation. Having a child’s teeth checked before or during his first year can prevent tooth damage and oral disease from developing later on.

There are a number of advantages to this. For one, it can set the foundation for better oral health as they grow older. PR Newswire reports: “During a year one dental visit, pediatric dentists examine children to detect early tooth decay, determine fluoride needs and monitor proper oral and facial development.” In addition, it can help parents save more money in the long run – the earlier you get your infant’s teeth checked, the more you can save on dental costs.

In Colorado, there are many dental practices specializing in children’s oral health. A reliable pediatric dentist in Denver, such as those from the Cody Dental Group, caters to the needs of young patients and makes them less anxious to undergo checkups. Such dentists try to build rapport with the child and his/her parents, fostering a warm and child-friendly environment; some practices have added waiting-cum-playing areas for the kids, with colorful posters and decals on the walls to make the visit fun and comfortable.

Facilitating proper oral care at home is equally important. The PR Newswire article shares a “Get it Done in Year One” checklist created by the AAPD, which contains guidelines for parents. If your infant hasn’t had his or her first dental appointment yet, you should arrange one as soon as possible with a competent Denver pediatric dentist. Giving importance to your child’s oral health today will be most beneficial for both of you in the future.