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The Sweet Facts:
  • Candy sales in the US for Halloween average $2 billion annually!
  • Over 19% of children ages 12-19 have untreated cavities
  • A child’s complete preventive dental program should include fluoride, twice-daily brushing, wise food choices, and regular dental care
Exchange your candy for cash…

In coordination with Operation Gratitude, the Cody Dental Group will pay you $1 per pound of candy – up to 6 pounds per person! Candy will be shipped to the troops overseas for their enjoyment.

Teach children about oral health and nutrition while instilling a sense of giving as well.

Come join the fun…

Candy drop-off location:

Cody Dental Group PC
4301 E Amherst Ave
Denver CO 80222

Date and Times:

Thursday, November 1: 1pm to 5pm
Friday, November 2: 9am to 12 pm
Saturday, November 3: 9am to 12 pm

And go home with cash, prizes, and smiles!

Your teeth and our troops will thank you!