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woman with mint leaf on tongue

For sweet breath and a healthier mouth you need to “wash the bugs away” with a variety of easy and quick techniques. Any combination of two or more of these listed below will refresh your mouth at home or on the go.

The most effective way to clean the mouth is with a combination of brushing, flossing or tooth picking. Best follow up: rinse with water or with any one of the commercial products found on drug store shelves. If you click the link below there is information on some of the variety of products newly on the market that sound interesting.

See trend #6 on Parade’s Hottest Trends of the year to see the commercial products you can use.

By the way, tongue scraping is cool. A brush or tongue scraper on the top and sides of your tongue will help eliminate the culprits of bad breath. Don’t have a tongue scraper? Use a wet tissue or soft towel to do the job.

Try any and all of these techniques in different combinations to find one you like. You will enjoy the way your mouth tastes and feels. Your breath will be sweeter.

Dr. Gene S. Bloom, DDS