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Man sitting at the dentist clinic

The top dental advice that any dentist would give athletes is the use of mouth guards. These little but handy devices can prevent serious injuries, especially those involving the teeth, gums, and other soft tissues of the oral cavity. This means athletes who diligently use them can save thousands of dollars on dental treatments yearly, too.
Of course, accidents can still happen among athletes amid the protection. When it comes to contact sports like hockey and mixed martial arts, an athlete’s tooth could be knocked out after an awkward head-first fall or a blow to the face. Losing a tooth or a couple of them require treatments with high costs and may result in dental complications that will definitely equate to additional expenses.

Some dental professionals also make it a point to remind athletes to take care of their overall dental health. A diet rich in sweetened sports drinks or acidic energy drinks and other similar factors can gravely damage the teeth and cause tooth decay, which, if left untreated, can eventually lead to tooth loss. Any related discomfort or the lost tooth itself can be distracting and significantly prevent you from having an optimal sports performance.

Are Dental Implants for You?

The option of dental implants in Denver as tooth replacement is available for several athletes. Unfortunately, some elderly people and even young ones who have let their missing teeth go untreated for so long may not have the proper jawbone structure for dental implantation; however, athletes and other active individuals who have just recently lost their teeth are more likely to be good candidates for implants. Bone augmentation may be done in some cases.

You can replace one tooth with an implant or have dentures anchored with an implant. Since the dental implants will be fixed onto your jaw, you won’t have to endure the possible problems with traditional dentures (e.g. uncomfortably sliding out of place during intense plays, slipping after a sudden movement). This also promotes gum health since the artificial tooth root strengthens your jawbone.

The process will entail careful assessments and complex procedures or surgeries, which makes it important to work with an experienced dentist in Denver from an established practice like the Cody Dental Group. The dentist can set your expectations and advise you accordingly, especially in terms of affording the treatment, recovering from the procedure (which can sideline you from your training sessions and sporting events), and in taking care of your dental implants.


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