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Cosmetic Dentistry

We are all extremely self-conscious about how people see or perceive our smiles. When we smile, we are showing our teeth to the whole world. As a result, how our teeth look can affect how we feel about ourselves.

When taking this into consideration, it is often difficult to fix dental issues that can affect the smile. Many people will attempt to buy over-the-counter products that alter the way their teeth look. Some people might go as far as to look for natural supplements to help.

However, the only way to fix a dental problem is by visiting a professional. Here are some of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures.


A lot of different products promise that they will whiten teeth over time. In fact, it is a very common claim on many different brands of toothpaste. However, a dentist is one of the few people who can successfully provide long-lasting whitening for the majority of their patients.


This is the act of using a piece of material, usually something made from a type of plastic, and gluing it directly on a tooth. This procedure is most often used for teeth that have been chipped or damaged in some way.


This can help with teeth that are misshapen or produce an incorrect bite. It is also used as part of a cosmetic dentistry procedure after braces have moved the teeth into the desired position. Dentists often use sculpting together with bonding to form perfect teeth.


These are probably the cutting edge of cosmetic dentistry as we know it because they involve a complex process that is part surgical and part mechanical. The role of an implant is to replace teeth that are otherwise missing. The structure of the implant is generally made of a titanium rod inserted into the jaw bone and then capped with a device over which the crown is placed that looks like a fake tooth.

Veneers and Crowns

Both of these cosmetic dentistry procedures make use of bonding to attach to the tooth. However, they are almost entirely unnecessary with regard to the patient’s actual dental health. Veneers, in particular, are made of porcelain and attached to an existing, healthy tooth. In order to place the veneer, the dentist will often wear down the tooth to a desirable shape for bonding the veneer.

All of these procedures are very common for people who want to reclaim their smiles, whether it has been affected by age or some type of disease or ailment. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are often outpatient procedures, and sometimes they don’t even require an anesthetic. However, you should be aware that some of these procedures are not always permanent, and others will need special care in order to keep them maintained.

Most of all, you should always be certain whether you actually need anything done before investing in a cosmetic procedure.