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Welcome to Cody Dental Group

Serving the Denver–Metro area since 1946, Cody Dental Group is the most experienced dental group in Colorado

Creating lasting relationships with our patients is a central part of Cody Dental’s philosophy. As such, we treat our
patients as though we would treat our close friends and family. Our patient-centric approach seeks to establish a
partnership between provider and patient to ensure that our patient’s wants, needs and preferences are respected and
reflected in the treatment plan.

We value high quality over high volume.

Dedicated Hygiene Team

With over 150 years of combined clinical experience, our hygienists are among the most trained and caring professionals
in their field.

Most patients see a dental hygienist twice a year for a regular dental cleaning while patients with periodontal disease or
other special considerations need cleanings at shorter intervals. We believe that excellent oral hygiene habits and
outcomes are better achieved through a partnership between the patient and hygienist. It is encouraging to know that
you have an ‘oral health coach’ helping you to keep your teeth and gums healthy. In order to facilitate this partnership,
we ensure that our patients are able to see their preferred hygienist every time.

Missed an appointment with your hygienist but need to reschedule immediately? You also have the option of seeing the
next available hygienist and getting back on track next time. Request a hygiene appointment below.



“Staying true to our commitment of advancing oral healthcare, members of Cody Dental have served as president of the Colorado Dental Association, faculty members at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine, visiting faculty at the Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education, and as members of the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry.”

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From a warm and friendly reception at the front desk to checking out after your visit, we want our guests to feel right at home in a calm and relaxing atmosphere

Why we're unique

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History of Cody

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Our Philosophy

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About Cody Dental GroupWhy We’re Unique

The Cody Dental Group is a true group practice modeled on the Mayo Clinic’s philosophy of generalists teaming with specialists to offer patients a full spectrum of care under one roof. Our collaborative approach to dental health has been one of our hallmarks over the past eight decades. Today, Cody is the oldest continually operating dental group in Colorado and, to our knowledge, the entire United States.

Though each of our dentists conducts their own unique practice within the group, we believe the “group” environment has enhanced the standards of care and convenience for our patients. The daily interactions of general practitioners, dental specialists, lab technicians, hygienists and assistants -- all working within the same facility -- helps ensure a smooth flow of information across the dental health disciplines. Patients have the option of combining consultations and treatments from separate practitioners into the continuity of a single appointment, in a single location.

History of Cody

cody dental group historyIn January of 1946, Dr. Glenn Cody and his partners opened the doors of the Cody Dental Group. Their vision was straightforward. At a time when most people expected to lose their teeth as they aged, Cody dentists wanted to help their patients keep their teeth for a lifetime.

Inspired by the example of the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Cody brought a group of general dentists and specialists together under one roof in order to pursue their vision of optimal oral health. As their vision caught on, the practice grew. Patients appreciated the convenience of "one location" dentistry, and the results now speak for themselves. The original 1946 "shingle" hung out by Dr. Cody and his partners is lovingly preserved in our lobby today.

As the years have gone by, the momentum has continued to build. Innovative thinking, technical expertise and a commitment to the traditional doctor-patient relationship have kept the Cody Dental Group on the leading edge of the profession. Past and present dentists have served and continue to serve as faculty members at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine, presidents of national and local dental organizations, as well as editors of local and national dental journals.

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to the preservation of health through dental care for a lifetime of service in optimum function, comfort and aesthetics. We seek to ensure the maximum longevity of dental health through a minimum of dental procedures.

We understand that the confidence, trust and long-term relationships necessary to maintain Nature’s gift of health require the education, motivation and cooperation of our health delivery team and our patients.

Acceptance of the responsibility to obtain and preserve health is the natural result of these relationships and ideals.

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